Apus browser antivirus scanner is among the most efficient Android applications available. It packs the latest internet technologies into visite site a small package. It comes with a built-in download manager, a first-class internet search and a neat panel to customize your home screen to provide a more customized experience. Its two-mode scanner promptly eliminates useless programs, recouping vital space and increasing the speed of your machine to improve overall system performance. It also has the privacy-conscious features that help ensure your data is protected along with a wide range of anti-virus free and gunk-washing products.

The APUS Browser is among the fastest browsers available on Android and offers an unparalleled search, web page and data loading speed. It also requires a very minimal amount of memory – just 1 MB. It’s not loaded with many options, but does offer the basic functions that you require, such as displaying pages correctly and managing tabs.

The Chinese company behind APUS Browser is probably best known for their launcher that resembles iOS, Message Center, and other tools. However they have been creating Android software since the year 2011. The APUS Security app has received praise from experts and users alike. It’s an antivirus with multiple functions, a junk removal tool and speedup tool.

The primary feature of APUS Security is its dual-mode scanner that instantly detects and clears the malicious files off your device. It also has a real-time security feature that checks new applications and flags any malware known to be present.