Avast game mode is a special feature that blocks certain features of the antivirus program to free up resources and improve performance while you play games. It analyzes and optimizes games you play automatically. It lets you customize it, so you can add specific games to its “whitelist” to ensure that they always receive the resources they require.

The game mode optimizes PC settings and blocks background processes, mutes notifications from Avast, Windows, and pauses Windows Updates so that you can play in complete silence. It also will prioritize CPU resources for your game and makes the most of them to ensure you’re having the best gaming experience.

Avast Game Mode, unlike traditional antivirus software, was designed specifically for gamers and offers an enhanced gaming experience. Its sophisticated system can detect when a person is playing games and then suspends processes that use a lot of energy, like scanning or updating to minimize interference. This lets the computer concentrate more of its energy to your game, which results in quicker loading times and more enjoyable gameplay.

It is included in the Avast software as a part of the program and can be disabled or activated via its user interface. You can access it by going to User Interface > Settings and selecting “Components”. Then, you can check or uncheck the box next to ‘Game Mode. It should be noted that even if you turn off the Game Mode, Avast’s real-time protection is still active.