AVG’s malware scan employs machine learning, heuristics, and an online malware database in order to detect new threats. In our tests, it scored very well, with top-quality deep scan and smart scan performance. It is not as good as its competition in its ability to detect unknown and brand new “zero-day malware”.

After a quick installation the program starts its first “Smart Scan” which is a general scan of your computer for threats and malware. It takes around 35 minutes to complete, looking at 430,167 files on our test systems. This is less than what competitors’ tools but it’s still a substantial amount of files.

The program’s modern and sleek interface makes it easy to start scans or navigate its other key features. It has recognizable thumbnails and headings, as well as other elements to help you quickly understand the purpose of each feature. The settings menu offers various options for customization. For example you can alter the sensitivity of a deep scan or set up a data-shredder by adding an option to Windows right-click menu.

Premium subscribers get a couple of additional features that aren’t included in the free version, such as “Webcam Protection” which blocks access to your webcam, making video chats more secure, and “Sensitive Data Shield” that encrypts your private files. Extra features like the password manager www.doniphanwest.org/things-that-make-you-love-and-hate-data-rooms/ or performance tuning aren’t available, however they are available, as AVG has other paid-for programs which offer these capabilities.

The mobile app from AVG offers many advantages, including the capability to remotely wipe or lock your Android device (Android only) as well as a photo vault that lets you securely share files. Its best mobile feature is its anti-theft component. This helps you locate a lost device or tablet and can even sound a siren in order to scare it off.