It is essential to think about the pricing and solution options when selecting a portal for board meetings. A good board management software vendor must offer a clear pricing model and be upfront about other costs like governance consulting or entity management, as well as enhanced security protocols. A reputable manufacturer of board management software will provide one-on-one support and education for directors in the use of the software.

As new generations of director join boardrooms, many organisations face the challenge of implementing a modern board management software system. This can be a challenge if the top executives of the organization are not experienced in technology or are not used to working with digital platforms. Board members are expected to to use the software as a tool to conduct their business operations like they do with common tools such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

It is essential that any software for boards provides an intuitive user experience and is developed with various technological skills in mind. This is essential to the success of a software platform, so that administrators and directors can get the most value from it with a minimum of learning. Additionally, the software must be compatible with devices directors already have and not require them to purchase or learn to use a new piece of equipment or software. Additionally the platform should be available anytime, anywhere via a web-enabled device. This will allow board members to complete their tasks even when they are not in the office and eliminates unnecessary delays.