The software for your board portal you select should meet your governance goals by providing a feature set that grows according to your meeting management needs. It should also provide an unbeatable experience on every device that directors use. Be sure that the company you choose offers 24/7 support, including FAQs, help videos, and ongoing remote training sessions. A dedicated support team who can handle issues quickly keeps your board focused on the important things: making decisions aligned with the organization’s objectives.

When looking for an online portal for board meetings you should look for one that has built-in secure document sharing and digital signature capabilities. This will ensure that the information shared during the meetings is accessible only to those who require it and not circulating in personal email inboxes, which could create security risks. You should search for a service provider that provides an easy, quick and easy e-signature to sign off on a hybrid or remote meeting that is authenticated.


Many nonprofit organizations depend on board portals to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their boards. The boards of these organizations are accountable for establishing operational strategies and public policies that affect the entire community. When these organizations utilize board-management software to streamline and simplify their governance procedures, they save valuable time for their members. By making use of the features in their board-management software, these organizations can organize more productive and interactive meetings that drive meaningful change.