A high-quality online system for document management can be a significant productivity boost for your company. It can save time by reducing the amount of time needed to locate documents, and make sharing files much simpler than email. This could result in increased productivity and efficiency and also lower stress levels in the workplace.

The right software can help streamline the creation of documents, and offer a secure repository for important documents and records. This is a huge benefit for businesses that have to adhere to rules and standards in the industry. It is estimated that problems with documents contribute to 21% of the productivity loss per day, so it is imperative to select the best tools to organize your documents efficiently.

Many online systems for document management offer more options than just storing and sharing files. Some are able to automate business processes, aid in collaboration between teams and clients and also provide a workflow to review and approve draft documents. This is particularly beneficial for companies that have multiple stakeholders from different locations.

Filestage is one such example. It offers a cloud-based document management platform that is easy to install and use. It facilitates collaboration with customers and colleagues, provides workflows for reviewing and approving documents and comes with a versioning feature built in.

The ideal software solution will also allow for flexible access by authorized users, whether they are in the office; at home or traveling. This means that the application should be web-based and a mobile app which allows users to easily upload files and work anywhere, regardless of the device they use.