Directors are searching for more efficient ways to manage board meetings in a time which is constantly evolving. Instead of relying on paper-lead methods and traditional methods, they are looking at software for managing board meetings that gives access to digital documents and enables them to collaborate on the cloud. This permits the review of meeting documents prior to the event. This also allows for the freeing of time during the meeting.

The best general board meeting software allows members to express their opinions and support views with specific passages they are referring to and avoid confusion about what is meant. This permits important administrative discussions to take place in the absence of the meeting so that they do not take up valuable time at the event.

A board portal’s ability to prepare an agenda that incorporates all relevant documents and reports is a crucial feature. This allows the meeting start as planned, and prevents the issue from being raised, or questions not being addressed.

The software must also provide an easy-to-print format for all documents. This is because some directors will still prefer printing their copies of their documents for a variety from personal preference to intolerance to working with screens for long durations.

Many of the leading software providers for board meeting applications will offer versions of apps which are optimized to be viewed on desktops, tablet or smartphone so that participants of meetings can review agendas online and off. Some will allow users to make annotations within the app.