You must decide on your goals before you can select the best vendor. Then, begin your search for a vendor with an intuitive user interface, that is easily used by CFOs and accountants at the entry level. Additionally, the UI will offer a variety of deployment options to meet your specific requirements.

Another vital aspect to consider is security. You need to find an option that is in line with the standards for handling data, and also includes tools such as two-factor authentication and IP-based limitations. The most secure options have a robust auditing system designed for documents that track file activity which allows you to spot and stop any suspicious behavior.

Take a look at the platform’s compatibility for different operating systems. Make sure it’s compatible with iOS and Android as well as other major desktop and mobile devices. Also, take note of whether the vendor supports multiple languages and is accessible on a variety of browsers. Finally, consider the underlying storage and data centers of the vendors you are looking at.

If you’re an advisor you should inquire with your clients what they’re expecting regarding the concept of a virtual data room. Things like a view as a function and simple user permissions can aid in making the process less stressful for all parties and will save you time and frustration during an agreement. A modern, user-friendly interface will also reduce the risk of costly errors. Additionally, a dependable support team can accelerate the M&A process and ensure that your customers are pleased with the product they choose.